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Our Services

If you’re stranded somewhere in the greater Orlando area and need a quick and reliable towing service‚ you can call Coolrunning Towing and we’ll be there for you! We tow anywhere you need to go‚ so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

We understand that your car is not going to choose a convenient time to break down. This is why we offer a 24–hour towing service to our customers so that they aren’t left without help‚ whether it’s day or night. Whenever you need us‚ we’re there for you.

Flatbed towing

Coolrunning Towing Service offers fast‚ friendly and stress–free flatbed towing services across Orlando‚ Fl and the surrounding areas.

At Coolrunning Towing‚ we specialize in offering flatbed towing services. For those who know little about flatbed towing‚ this method ensures that no damage occurs to your vehicle during the towing process. We utilize hydraulics for lowering our flatbed.

Flatbed towing is considered to be among the safest methods for transporting a vehicle. If you have a very expensive car that needs to be towed and transported‚ we recommend flatbed towing over other methods.

Motorcycle towing

Besides flatbed towing‚ we are also specially equipped for motorcycle towing and offer specialized motorcycle towing services. We have qualified and licensed towing experts who are able to safely tow all types of motorbikes. We are here to provide you service and meet all your emergency roadside towing needs 24 hours a day!

Low–profile vehicle towing

Coolrunning Towing provide towing and transport services for all kinds of exotic car models‚ sports cars‚ luxury cars‚ SUV’s‚ trucks‚ sedans‚ and so on. And if you own a low–profile vehicle‚ we also have the special equipment to tow your vehicle. At Coolrunning Towing‚ it is our endeavor to satisfy every customer’s towing needs‚ irrespective of the size and type of vehicle.

Get cash for junk cars!

Now here is a unique and fun service offered by Coolrunning Towing to its customers. We actually purchase retired or junk cars and pay you in cash. And we are willing to buy vehicles in all kinds of makes‚ from any year and in any condition you bring to us. We will tow the vehicle away and pay you cash on the spot!

Coolrunning Towing makes the sale of old and unwanted cars for cash absolutely hassle–free. Simply call us and provide us with the year‚ make and model and we’ll be there to tow the vehicle away.